Scientific-Research Center "VIGSTAR"

JSC "SMC "Vigstar"

Joint-stock company "Scientific and Manufacturing Center "Vigstar" was funded in April 1997 for development of special purpose wireless devices, complexes and systems of satellite communication for the Russian Federation defense and security agencies.

The main activities of the company are as follows:

  • research, design, testing in the field development and manufacture of wireless telecommunication systems, complexes and devices, of special or general purpose
  • manufacture and supply of equipment to state and commercial customers, installation and testing
  • services related to maintenance of satellite communication complexes, devices and equipment including warranty and after-warranty maintenance and repair of the equipment

For customers, either state-run or commercial, SMC "Vigstar" offers the following equipment and means of telecommunication:

  • dedicated and civil satellite communication stations: fixed stations, mobile stations for all kinds of public and private communication and data transfer; small portable stations for satellite communication
  • equipment for processing general and special purpose signals for onboard relay stations of satellites (onboard digital platforms)
  • antennas and turning supports for satellite communication stations of long and medium wavelength
  • adaptive spatial interference rejection systems for satellite communication stations
  • operational switches for digital channels for satellite communication stations
  • hardware and software complexes for controlling satellite communication networks
  • small size radio relay units of millimeter wave range