Scientific-Research Center "VIGSTAR"

Mobile (transportable) satellite communication station “Centavr-NM-2”

The station is intended for use in any environment to supply special communication requirements (including varied emergency situations) by any kind of vehicie and provides communication in any one of the “mobile node-to-fixed node”, “mobile node-to-ship” or “mobile node-to-mobile node” applications. These stations will support a data transmission rate from 4.8 to 512 kbps.

Basic technical characteristics

Name of parameter Value
Antenna diameter, m 1,2
Number of communication directions 1
Antenna tracking modes Manual tracking only
Communication data rate, Kbps 4,8…512
Transmit EIRP (min), dBW RS47
Maximum transmitter output (W) 25
G/T (relative to dB/K) 10
Available modulation types BPSK; QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM
Available coding with convolution code (R = 1/2, 3/4, 7/8)
Available decoding Viterbi and Reed-Solomon decoding

The station contains:

  • Segmented deployable antenna with mounting support
  • Hardware configuration (rack or flyaway case mounted, as applicable)
  • Videoconferencing hardware
  • Uninterruptible AC power supply
  • Encoding hardware for signal security

The station can also be supplied with an optional gasoline or diesel electric AC generator. These mobile stations are delivered to the point of deployment in a transport container (deployment time – up to 30 minutes maximum).