Scientific-Research Center "VIGSTAR"

Fixed node satellite communication station “Centavr-NM-3”

The station is located at a stationary location near the nodes and provides multiple signal communication up to 8-10 paths over “fixed node-to-mobile node”, “fixed node-to-ship” or “fixed node-to-fixed node” simultaneously.

Basic technical characteristics

Name of parameter Value
Antenna diameter, m 3,7
Number of communication directions 6
Antenna tracking modes Programmed, manual or automatic satellite tracking
Communication data rate, Kbps 4,8…2048
Transmit EIRP (min), dBW RS65
Maximum transmitter output (W) 100
G/T (relative to dB/K) 21
Available modulation types BPSK; QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM
Available coding with convolution code (R = 1/2, 3/4, 7/8)
Available decoding Viterbi and Reed-Solomon decoding

The station contains:

  • Antenna with mounting post
  • Hardware configuration (mounted in cabinet)
  • Videoconferencing hardware
  • Uninterruptible AC power supply
  • Encoding hardware for signal security

Rate of information transmission in communication with:

  • mobile facilities – from 4.8 to 512 kbps
  • fixed node stations – from 4.8 to 2048 kbps

?An extensive selection of earth station configurations provides efficient and high-quality duplex open and closed network telephone and facsimile communication, videoconferencing, data transmission and internet access through C-band transponders on the GSO satellites. Also, a variety of stations can be implemented in either X-band or Ku-band frequencies.